When World War II visited the shores of Darwin in 1942 and left North West Queensland vulnerable to invasion, Mount Isa’s authorities were concerned that their district hospital could be targeted by air raids. So, civilians – in particular, off-duty miners – built a new hospital underground in a matter of weeks.

Today, visitors can wander through the Underground Hospital and learn how it functioned. Exhibits have been installed based on photos from 1942 and include medical equipment and furnishings from the original fitout.

The Beth Anderson Museum, which forms part of the Underground Hospital exhibit, features a compelling array of antique medical equipment, including anatomy posters and a real human skeleton, used to educate students. 

On your visit, you will also take in the Tent House, part of a community established in 1930 to accommodate the booming population. Hundreds of tent houses sprang up, thanks to the ready availability of canvas which formed the walls and roof, around a timber frame.

Opening Times: 10.00am to 2.00pm in the cooler months: 1st April to 30th September. Enquire about opening hours from October to March. Be sure to arrive at least one hour prior to closing. Bookings not essential.

Location: Joan Street, Mount Isa

Contact: Ph: (07) 4749 3087 E: info@undergroundhospital.com 

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