The emerald waters and lush vegetation of Lawn Hill Gorge form a beautiful oasis in the Outback, attracting abundant wildlife and offering exceptional views, walks, canoeing and cultural sites.

Rich in Aboriginal history, Boodjamulla (meaning Rainbow Serpent Country) is a wonderland of red sandstone ranges, creeks, 60-metre high gorges, waterholes, rocky outcrops and rugged escarpments.  Visitors can follow a number of walking tracks that each offer their own vistas or paddle in crystal clear emerald-hued water. Hire a canoe and make your way up the gorge to the breathtaking Indarri Falls or take a guided cruise along the creek to view some spectacular scenery. Or, capture the most incredible sunset on a tour of Harry’s Hill

Aside from the exquisite natural beauty, the park is known for its rich and significant fossil fields. Well preserved, the Riversleigh Australian Fossil Mammal Site is open to the public and offers a fascinating insight into evolution on the Gondwana ancient supercontinent.

There are tent and van sites at Lawn Hill Gorge which are serviced by toilets, showers and a park office. The Miyumba bush camp is located 3.5 kilometres south of Riversleigh D Site, around 55 kilometres south-east of Lawn Hill Gorge and features six camp sites suitable for completely self-sufficient campers. A hybrid toilet is available and although there is a water tank, it may be empty. Adels Grove, located 10 kilometres from Lawn Hill Gorge, offers more accommodation options and guided tours.

Contact: For camping information and bookings phone 137 468 or visit